To have a website, you need a hosting service provider. Read more below to find out more abbout hosting and website support and maintenance issues.

Much like people need homes to live in, websites need computer servers to live in too. Hosting service is therefore like your rent to have your website stored on the Internet. How well a website performs has much to do with the Hosting Service Providers.

Clients of Oranges and Lime Web Design and Web Development Services have the option to host their website with Oranges and Lime or their own preferred provider.

As Web Designers and Web Developers we work clients who are already using their own hosting service providers. However, since the performance of the websites we develop depends greatly on the hosting service it is stored, we offer to host the websites to our clients as well using the services of our own hosting service provider. We do this to cut the cost of running and maintaining a website for our clients and the cost-saving is passed on to our customers directly. This cost saving comes from the fact that we are likely to bill our clients for less service hours. Our billable hours will decrease if we use the hosting service we have known, trusted and tested ourselves for years. This is because

  1. We are able to detect and diagnose problems faster
  2. We are able to fix things faster
  3. Our hosting provider maintains and optimises their servers and products with the latest upgrades and provides a very easy system to maintain and manage websites
  4. We also know that our hosting provider has great customer service and provides us with the technical support quickly
  5. Our hosting provider promises 99.95% uptime and over the years of using them, they have managed to keep their promise

For these reasons, we offer to provide the hosting for your website. We will have a chat with you about your hosting needs as part of the discussions we have with you about your web design project.