Are you a Freelancer looking for jobs?

By January 17, 2016Announcements
Are you a Freelancer looking for a job? We are running full steam. We need your help. Register your interest.

Web designers and web developers, are you a Freelancer looking for jobs? We are running flat out here at Oranges and Lime. We are looking to connect with proficient, reliable professionals in web design and development and other fields including app design and development, SEO, SEM, Administration and Data Entry.


Web Designers and Web Developers: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal

We are looking for individuals who have been building websites in either Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal professionally. We want people who are experienced in modifying and editing these content management systems to fit clients’ requirements. This means that if need be, you need to be able to develop customised themes for WordPress as well as install and configure WordPress Plug-ins. If you are a Drupal or Joomla expert, you need to be able to develop templates from a design if need be. You need to be able to install, configure and modify Joomla Extensions and/or Drupal Modules.

We are looking for people who are competent in HTML and CSS. We would be particularly interested if you also competent in Javascript and PHP. We would be really impressed if you have enough skills to build a functioning, even basic, Content Management System. Being able to use other tools like Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks or Illustrator is expected because we use them to design elements for websites.

Please note that we are looking to work with individuals who are able to take on jobs and perform the technical work themselves. We are not looking for representatives of agencies, partnerships or companies who pass on the technical work to other people in their team. If you are freelancing as a one-person company or business however, this is okay, we can work with you. Likewise, if you have a team who are all involved in the technical work of completing a website, than each individual in that team should register their interest and skills here also.

We are looking for talents from all over the world. We just need you to be able to transact online, have a reliable computer and access to the internet and of course, we need you to be reliable too! If you think this is you, please fill out this form to register your interest and tell us more about you.

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