Google’s Panda 4: What does Panda mean for your website?

What does Panda mean for your website? Panda 4 is the latest update Google made to the way it ranks pages. Panda is designed to reduce the ranking of pages and websites that have duplicate content and/or short content.

As a website owner, this is what you can do to ensure you keep up your page rankings with Google:

  1. Avoid duplicating your content
  2. Create your own content
  3. Articles might benefit from being longer
  4. Use unique title tags and meta descriptions

Quite ironically, this post is likely to be too short for Panda. Sometimes, there’s just no use intentionally padding up every article to suit the preferences of an algorithm.

Have you noticed any changes to your website due to Panda? Keep an eye on your Google Analytics report in the next few weeks or months.

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