Should I create a blog using HTML?

You can create a blog purely with HTML (and CSS) using a program like Adobe Dreamweaver. However, having assisted individuals and businesses set up their blogs, we would highly advise against starting a blog using HTML. You will spend your time putting it together, only to realize very quickly, that it is not a good solution and you need to rebuild it differently. With a HTML blog, as you grow, your work rises exponentially!

For one thing, how can people interact with you? How are they going to comment on your posts? Will you ask them to email you their comment, so you can then update the blog manually? That’s a lot of work, my friend.

You really need a dynamic website or CMS that allows you to log-in, add new blog posts and edit existing ones. A dynamic or CMS website automatically sorts blog posts according to categories, topics or dates, without you having to re-update all the other pages manually.  They also come bundled with many features, including commenting systems.  The more blog posts you write, the more time a dynamic website saves you in the long run.

(This post is based on a question posed to us in Quora: How do I create a Blog using HTML?, 23 August 2015 )

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