Oranges and Lime Corporation is now Incorporated!

By August 2, 2015Announcements

I hope you, dear reader, have been well. Even though our blog posts have not reflected it, we have been busy this 2015. Since March, we have begun the transition to become an International Business. So after months of making it happen, we now have Oranges and Lime Corporation in the British Virgin Islands, where thousands of other global corporations have incorporated.

For customers outside of Australia, they are going to be dealing with Oranges and Lime Corporation (BVI Company Number 1876994).

For customers in Australia, our team there in Australia with (ABN 93019857004) will continue to take care of you.

What does this mean for you?

We just feel obliged to publicly disclose this development to clarify any confusion for our existing clients, prospective customers, partners and other third parties. This is all. In short, nothing really changes for our current clients and partners. We still share the same website and we will still be working together as a unified team to continue taking care of you the same way we always have.

The only difference is, we are now in a better position to be able to provide our services to you, wherever you are around the world. There are also more opportunities now for us to explore ways to provide our existing services to you quicker, faster while keeping the costs among the lowest in our market space.

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