How do I make my own website step by step?

By September 14, 2015Articles

Just broadly, if you are to create a website, these are the steps:

Step 1

Answer these questions

1. Know what type of website is it? How does it make money?
2. What features does it need?
3. What will the user experience and information flow be like?
4. Who is your target market / audience?
5. How are you different to your competitors? What are you offering your audience?

Step 2

Design your website based on your branding and identity like your logo, corporate colours, fonts, etc

Step 3

Develop your website

(A) Code your design using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP/ASP/Ruby/ Python/.Net/Java
(B) Fill your website with content
(C) Optimise it for SEO
(D) Test it for functionality
(E) Upload it to the Server, if you developed it locally.
(F) Test it for browsers and devices. Make any adjustments
(G) Soft launch. Get a small circle of people to play around with your website and repeat steps B, C, D and F until you are happy.
(H) Launch it. Open it to the public.
(I) Be ready to do B, C, D and F over and over again because based on your customer’s experience you need to keep making adjustments.

It can be quite involved. If it is for business, you can get bogged down learning to do all this. It can take a while to get your website looking professional enough to meet your customers expectations based on their experience with your competitor’s website.

(We were originally asked this question in Quora.)

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