As the CEO, Managing Director or Business Owner, be THE cheerleader for your business or company

By August 5, 2015Articles

The biggest responsibility that you have as a CEO, a Managing Director or a Business Owner should be to be the cheerleader for your business or company. As the Leader, it is your job to tell the world about the great things your business is doing, about the great achievements your people are accomplishing and about the solutions you are providing to many of your customers and clients whose problems your team is solving.

For CEOs and Managing Directors of big companies that can have a Marketing Department, perhaps you can afford to delegate this responsibility to your Marketing Manager. However for the other 95% of businesses classified as small, micro or sole proprietorships, the consequences for you not ‘stepping up to the plate’ would have a big impact on whether your business will languish or succeed.

What does it mean to be the cheerleader for your company or business? What it means is that you have to be willing to be the front man or woman of your business. You have to be willing to put your face on photos, your voice on podcasts and your thoughts on blog posts and articles your business publishes.

I know this is not easy. You might think it is because you are afraid or that you convince yourself you do not have the personality to be a public persona for your brand. You might have a lot of self-doubt. You might deep inside believe that your business will not succeed. You might somewhat believe that you do not have what it takes. You look at the many people behind so many other businesses and individuals who you perceive are doing better than you at what you do. But none of these matter. The question is: do you still want to be in the game? Do you still want to win?

If you still want to win, then know that no one else has more passion for your business than you. So if you do not go out there and promote your business, who will?


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